Makad’s approach to opportunities has evolved significantly over the years. During the past thirty years, we have seen incredible changes in development. Projects that we wouldn’t have dreamed of yesterday are today achieving fruition. Technology has evolved at an ever increasing pace. But, one thing remains common among the best developers...Opportunity.

Great developers all recognize opportunity and seek more opportunity. Application of hard work, investment capital, perseverance and luck can turn opportunity into achievement. But what drives the truly exceptional developer is that never ending thirst to find the next opportunity.

Makad Corp. Delivers:

An aggressive, globally focused, skilled executive team working together in an interactive, streamlined organization with a singular source of leadership, expertise and responsibility. We have respect for the environment and dedication to global environmental responsibility. Makad Corp. is stongly dedicated to development of new technological solutions for global needs. We welcome the opportunity to implement new technology when current solutions fall short of tomorrow's expectations. Lastly, we have a strong commitment to aligning countries or regions of the world through mutually strategic cultural, environmental, and infrastructure projects.